Meeting Life and Mother Nature

You beckoned my soul to a place unknown to me,

Led me on a road so rugged, narrow, and windy.

To the left and to the right I go,

I followed the directions that you show.

Endless road it seems to me,

Turning back is more than dreary.

I must go forward to find my destiny,

So I prayed to God to guide and lead me.

You hearkened to my soul and you read my mind.

You were always beside me and never left me behind.


I came upon a vast and spacious plain,

Decorated by nature with plants in brilliant verdure.

Sheltered me with lofty skies, gentle breezes, and fine weather.

My heart swelled with happiness, full of joy and laughter.

I thank the Lord our God, and our creator!


You commanded my spirit to soar higher to the mountain,

So I trudged up with courage, patience, and determination.

My heart was racing and the body in pain,

Tired and weary, as I set foot on top of the mountain.

Night fell, my eyes surrendered to slumber.

I slept through the night, under the skies of summer.


As I woke up on a new day,

You allured my eyes with nature’s beauty.

You directed my steps to the wilderness,

I continued to walk amidst the trees.

You called my name and I listened carefully,

I followed that gentle voice, that was not a folly!

I was not crazy, it was not a fantasy,

I faced Mother nature, with her stunningly perpetual beauty.

I sat beside her and immersed my whole being in her.

Never did I hear a word from her, but only silence enchanting as ever,

So eloquent,  that virtually no lips of humans could utter.












IMG_20170319_145327_849She walks gracefully

Through the path to serenity,

She gently steps on the ground,

Careful not to trample

On the beautiful flowers around.

Amused with the resplendent flowers

Growing throughout the meadow,

She smiled sweetly with her eyes aglow.

Deeply engrossed in imperturbable calmness under the sky so blue,

She fancied to live with serenity,

From here to eternity!

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