Thoughts of the Recluse

Living a reclusive life is sometimes beneficial, I believe. It is one way of shutting off the social noise that is deafening and disturbing. This concept may not ring true to everybody, but it does for me, at least. In my case, when I choose to be in reclusive state, I find peace and tranquility. The mind travels free outside the confined body. It delves into the very depth of the vast oceans, and travels in every space of the universe.

Food for thought caught by the recluse’s mind in flight:

On Anger: It is better to express an outright rage rather than being sick of pretending that you are not. Keep respect of each other, though. Remember that inarticulate fury or anger gets painted in one’s face in many ways. It strikes in countless ways, too!

On Social media: It may not be always true that people connect through social media, be it Facebook, Twitter and all. At times, these cause disconnection due to misconception of thoughts posted.

Life is our greatest gift from God. Let us be grateful for it, and glorify His name with sincere and clean hearts. ( Let us remind ourselves that He listens to what the heart speaks and not what the mouth says.) Let us also thank those who have crossed our lives, let us continue to learn more of what life is, strive to be a better person, serve the humankind better so that in return, those you serve will better serve the human race.

Mental Serenity

In the silence of the night,

Meditate and immerse yourself

In deep thoughts.

In the brightness of morn,

Emerge with golden thoughts

That radiates throughout

The beautiful day!


Lost in the Dark


When you feel lost and perplexed

Under the canopy of darkness,

Focus and be calm.

Seek that He will cast light upon you,

And follow that shaft of light which will

Lead you to a brighter future.

Open your heart to the Lord,

And listen to His guiding voice.

Remember that He is the light

Of the entire universe!

Moon Lover

At night when the moon beams,

You awaken from a field of dreams.

I see weariness in your eyes,

Oh, moon lover,

You are my heart’s desire.

I reach out for your soul

To soothe your heart and all,

For heaven’s sake, I weep

When veils of gray clouds descend!


Winter Reverie

As I lay asleep on the couch,

I hear these sounds go tap, tap, tap.

I opened my eyes and gazed outside,

And saw the canopies flap, flap, flap.

I thought it was just a dream,

So I closed my eyes to dream a real dream.

The wind is strong, it sings a song,

Blowing and hissing outside my home.

I asked myself, “Is this a real dream?”

For I shall wake up, and stop dreaming.

As I woke up and peered through the window,

The Cypress trees were swaying to-and-fro!

Outside the door as I stood watching,

The wind continued to sing,

Loud and strong, I started dancing.

This is real, it is not a dream!

It feels so cold and it is chilling,

Yet it feels good, dancing with the wind.

I smell the fragrance of the Cypress trees,

Wafted by the winter breeze.

How sweet of you, Cypress trees,

But I must go in, I might sneeze and freeze!

Angels do Fly

I looked around

And there was darkness before my eyes.

I looked up the skies,

And I saw clouds, yellow as candle light.


I gazed up one more time,

And I saw white clouds

Like angels flying by.